Making Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) a great school district is not going to happen from the top down. It’s going to happen because community members like yourselves are pushing, demanding, expecting, supporting, encouraging – and praying. None of this will work without prayer and intentional action behind that prayer. We serve a mighty God and He will empower us to serve our children.

Thank you for joining with United4Hope in our continued collaboration to make sure that every child has an education of excellence by design, every day. Your service is integral to this goal, whether you are behind the scenes, at school events, or though one-on-one tutoring and mentoring. I am excited and convinced that Nashville’s faith family is leading the way for a change in education across America – because of you!

Dr. Shawn Joseph, MNPS Director of Schools


United4Hope serves our public schools as a conduit for church community partnerships. If you are interested in partnering with United4Hope, please fill out the Contact form and a staff member will follow up with you.

Dr. Joseph, Director of Schools, and Stan Weber, Director of United4Hope