Collaboration Corner Light on Literacy | December 2019

St. George’s Episcopal Church has been growing their Light on Literacy Missional Community over the past three years to partner with Buena Vista Elementary in tutoring, student enrichment, and family engagement! Reverend Martin Odidi, of Nigeria, visited the school in October to share Nigerian children’s stories, songs, and culture with students. Read more about their growing partnership here.


Collaboration Corner Adopt a Teacher Program | October 2019

Fellowship Nashville began the Adopt a Teacher initiative four years ago as a way to show support and appreciation for Waverly Belmont’s staff. When Calvary United Methodist Church became a partner at the school two years ago, they joined in on the program too! Families, singles, small groups, and friend groups are matched with a teacher and then reach out to the teacher once per month.

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Collaboration Corner Back to School Events| August 2019

Our church community partners volunteered with our school partners at back to school events throughout the city in July and August. From community festivals, backpack drives, free haircuts, bouncy houses, meet the teacher nights, and more, our church partners were out and about supporting their schools.